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Unique Advantage - Attorney Dan Sorey offers injured victims a unique advantage in representing their personal injury case.  With ten years of law enforcement experience, Dan is skilled at investigating accident scenes, reviewing police reports, quickly determining the party at fault, and presenting a compelling case to the jury or a mediator that establishes culpability and the right to recovery.

Targeted Practice - The Sorey Law Firm focuses on representing accident victims and pursuing legal remedies to compensate victims for their personal injuries.  By offering targeted legal services for personal injury victims, our firm has been able to concentrate our time, energy, and resources on gaining knowledge, perfecting our approach, and delivering quality services that address the specific needs of personal injury clients.

Client-Centered Services - The Sorey Law Firm was founded on the belief that providing exceptional customer service and care for clients is an essential element for helping accident victims seek the recovery that they need.  Our legal services are client-centered, and our team of legal professionals is friendly, approachable, compassionate, and willing to go out of the way to meet the needs of clients.

Client-Directed Approach - At the Sorey Law Firm, we work to educate and inform clients to keep them involved in making important decisions that will affect the eventual outcome and award in their case.  Dan will work with clients in pursuing litigation, negotiating an acceptable settlement, and taking whatever measures are needed to promote the best interests of the client.

Practical Experience - Attorney Dan Sorey has gained quality litigation and case management experience trying and settling numerous personal injury cases with a nationwide plaintiff’s firm.  With his background in law enforcement and accident scene investigations, he has developed a proven track record, receiving significant awards and verdicts in personal injury cases.

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