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The compassionate, friendly, and experienced team of legal professionals at the Sorey Law Firm has the experience and dedication to help you or a loved one deal with personal injuries caused by a nursing home accident, abuse, or neglect.  We invoke the assistance of qualified medical professionals to help with case evaluation to determine the fault of parties and the cause of patient injuries.  Dan has handled nursing home cases all over the country and is a zealous advocate for quality nursing home care.

Choosing an Appropriate Nursing Home

  • Get references and recommendations from friends, acquaintances, and professional organizations.
  • Prioritize your list and visit several homes.
  • Ask the facility for references.
  • Ask to speak with current residents.
  • Choose a location that is nearby so family and friends can visit.
  • Make sure to involve your loved one in making the ultimate decision.

Signs of Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse

  • Unusual bruising, bleeding, cuts and sores
  • Rapid and unexplained change in weight
  • Infections and bed sores
  • Loss of hair
  • Torn, stained, or bloody clothing or bedding
  • Physical or emotional withdrawal
  • Disappearance of personal items
  • Sudden and unusual financial transactions
  • Refusal of nursing home staff to leave the room during visits
  • Denial of access to patient during visitation hours

If you are concerned about the quality of care a loved one is receiving, contact the Sorey Law Firm today for a free case evaluation and learn more about nursing home litigation and your rights.

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